Ossur - AFO Light (Product View)

Ossur - AFO Light (Product View)


AFO Light


Additional information:

The Ossur AFO Light is an ankle foot orthosis, made from Flex-Foot® carbon fiber. It is dynamic and offers energy return.


The Ossur AFO Light is for for AFO users with mild to moderate drop foot secondary to a variety of neurological conditions.


The product comprises a footplate, posterior strut, and a calf piece. A simple velcro strapping system facilitates donning and doffing. The product is provided with silicone padding and a thermo-formable tube covering the heel part of the posterior spring. This combination results in easier donning of the AFO and prevents damage of the padding in this vulnerable area.


An elastic band connects the separate calf-piece to the posterior spring. This connection allows semi-controlled upward and downward motion in synchronization with ankle plantar flexion and dorsal flexion. Excessive rubbing and migration of the calf-piece from the calf is, therefore, reduced.


This product is available in black color only.






Mild to moderate drop-foot





Severe ankle/foot deformities
Severe spasticity
Fluctuation edema
M-L instability
Extreme activity


Features and benefits


Flex-Foot Carbon Fiber


Dynamic motion
Energy return
High durability
Excellent weight to strength ratio
Footplate Design


Stiffness gradient at heel and toe part corresponds to ground reaction forces as they are applied to the foot
Gait assistance:
- Gradual plantar flexion at initial contact
- Energy return and assisted propulsion of the limb at toe off
- Supports the foot for ground-clearance during swing phase





Simple to use
Fits easily into most shoes
Easy to don and doff
Movable calf-piece



Quality assurance:


Ossur AFO Light is developed and produced according to ISO 9001.
Ossur AFO Light fulfills the requirements for CE marking.


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