Vari-Flex® with EVO

Vari-Flex® with EVO


Vari-Flex® with EVO


Additional information:

For 25 years, Flex-Foot® has been the foot of choice for prosthetists and amputees alike and with the new Vari-Flex with EVO, the evolution continues.


The Vari-Flex with EVO provides a unique combination of comfort and dynamics, and is designed to make life easier – for everyone. For prosthetists, the Vari-Flex with EVO is lightweight, easy to assemble and its slender profile makes it easy to cover cosmetically. And for amputees it ensures the highest levels of confidence and security. Offering natural gait with less fatigue and ultimately less strain on the lower back and sound side, it is the ideal foot for any activity. Vari-Flex with EVO enables amputees to walk more comfortably, better and for longer.



The Groundbreaking EVOTM Feature 










The EVO (Energy Vector Optimization) feature is generated by controlling how the ground reaction force is transferred to the prosthetic foot. Each step is optimized through the magnitude, placement and direction of forces for maximum efficiency. EVO enables the amputee to develop the most natural gait progression possible which reduces fatigue and puts less pressure on the sound side.



The EVO Feature Provides:


•  Fluent roll-over which mimics natural gait progression
•  Reduced fatigue
•  Effortless control of the ankle during stance phase
•  Less pressure on the sound side
•  Less pressure on the lower back



Product Highlights:


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Patient Profile:

•  Low, moderate to high impact levels
•  Transtibial and transfemoral amputees
•  User weight range: 100-365lbs / 44-166kg 



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