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Onyx (Product View) Onyx (Product Close Up) Onyx (Product View)
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College Park



  • Dynamic Pylon Foot.
  • Multi-axial for superior terrain compliance.
  • Angle Control allows for up to 4 degrees of plantar-dorsiflexion alignment.
  • Adjustable Stride Control to fine-tune foot stiffness from heel-strike to toe-off.
  • Precision gait matched for out-of-the-box performance.
  • Worry-free warranty, up to three years.

Additional information:



IMPACT LEVEL: Moderate to High


Integrating a dynamic pylon, the multi-axial Onyx Foot meets the demands of active users. Highly customizable, with 4 degrees of plantar-dorsiflexion Angle Control and adjustable Stride Control for fine-tuning gait, the sleek Onyx Foot delivers balanced energy with ideal comfort and enhanced terrain compliance.



Adjustable Stride Control


The Stride Control feature allows customization and fine-tuning of an individual’s gait without the need to change soft components. Located on the back of the Foreheel, it determines preload on the bumpers. Stride Control can be conveniently adjusted, from the top or the side, to increase or decrease plantar and dorsiflexion resistance.



Angle ControlTM


Angle Control Shims allow for simplified post fitting adjustments. Four degrees of plantar-dorsiflexion angle control are available, +/- 2 degrees, in 1-degree increments.





Onyx’s Foot Shell is anatomically designed with Impact Dispersion TechnologyTM. Available in Caucasian, Brown and Jet-Black.

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