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College Park



  • Multi-axial with rotation for maximal terrain compliance.
  • Customizable for growth and optimal function.
  • Adjustable Stride Control to fine-tune foot stiffness from heel strike-to toe-off.
  • Sandal toe allows shoe of choice.
  • Versatile exo and endo finishing capabilities.

Additional information:

Grown Up Function For Kids™


The College Park TruPer Foot provides multi-axial ability and dynamic response in a kid size package. Solving practical needs is where TruPer shines; it is simple to mount, customizable for each individual, and easily accommodates the ever-changing child.



Adjustable Stride Control


The Stride Control feature allows customization and fine-tuning of an individual’s gait without the need to change soft components. Located on the back of the Foreheel, it determines preload on the bumpers. Stride Control can be conveniently adjusted, from the bottom, to increase or decrease plantar and dorsiflexion resistance.





TruPer’s adjustable inversion-eversion and superior transverse rotation provides exceptional ground conformance, improving performance and stability while walking
or running.





The TruPer offers two growth ranges, 16-18 cm and 19-21 cm, as well as additional exoskeletal growth plates adding 2 cm in height.





TruPer’s patented Sealing Boot interlocks with the Foot Shell, keeping debris away from the foot. The sandal-toe Foot Shell is anatomically designed for an attractive, natural-like appearance.

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