LimbLogic VS (Product View)

LimbLogic VS (Product View)

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LimbLogic VS


  • Remote-Controlled Vacuum Suspension.
  • Waterproof Controller.
  • Use with Thermoplastic or Laminated Sockets.
  • Set & Forget Technology.
  • Inline Fabrication.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • Easy-to-Use Charger.

Additional information:

LimbLogic™ VS


The latest in vacuum suspension technology is LimbLogic VS. This is the first remote-controlled vacuum suspension system on the market. The 4-Hole Controller is mounted inline on a prosthesis allowing for complete integration without the unit catching on clothing. LimbLogic VS can now be used in thermoplastic sockets as well as laminated sockets.


Unique in the elevated vacuum market, the LimbLogic VS 4-Hole Controller is waterproof. To attain this feature LimbLogic VS was thoroughly tested and met waterproof standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. Individuals with LimbLogic VS in their prostheses no longer need to avoid inclement weather or wet environments. Note that the hand-held fob should not become wet as it is not waterproof.


LimbLogic VS operates quietly and features 'Set & Forget' monitor­ing. This means that the system monitors the level of vacuum within the socket to maintain a secure and comfortable fit. Practitioners program LimbLogic VS for a set range of vacuum. Amputees may use the hand-held fob to adjust the vacuum level within the practitioner-set range.
For added versatility, LimbLogic VS may be fabricated into laminated sockets or thermoplastic sockets. For laminated sockets, a lamination 4-hole kit is included with the controller and fob. A unique drop-in adapter enables LimbLogic VS to be used with thermoplastic sockets

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